Inspired by the Roman god of war and guardian of agriculture, Martis is both the farmer and the protector, a representation of our intentions with some of Sonoma’s great vineyards.

A rugged terrain defines Sonoma County; the diversity of landscape inspiring a diversity of ideas. It’s here that the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted in Northern California; it’s here that the California wine industry was born. We made Martis to celebrate Sonoma’s pioneering history, and to show a love for Cabernet Sauvignon from the other side of the Mayacamas, where the roots run deeper.

Martis Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle



Our flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted with care from some of Sonoma’s most storied vineyards within the Alexander Valley.




Our 2021 Martis Cabernet Sauvignon is made primarily from grapes grown in the historic Barrelli Creek Vineyard. Originally planted by the Italian Swiss Agricultural Colony Vineyards in 1881, Barelli Creek Vineyard sits two mountain ranges from the Pacific Ocean, experiencing a warm Mediterranean climate. The Northern end of the Alexander Valley is mostly sheltered from marine influence, its vines bathe in extended high daytime temperatures with just enough time cooling under Russian River fog in the mornings and late evenings to develop notable Cabernets. The soil along the slopes is well-draining gravelly clay to gravelly silt loam with Serpentine rock and a rich, red hue owed to high iron content. Such a range of favorable variables makes Barrelli Creek Vineyard and the greater Alexander Valley ideal for cultivating world-class Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winemaker Jenn Barak Portrait in vineyard


Jenn Barak, Winemaker

Meet Sonoma steward and passionate Winemaker Jenn Barak. Her infatuation with Sonoma began as a young girl on family vacations. The land spoke to Jenn, and she immediately knew it wasn’t just a vacation spot. It was home. She set out to become a winemaker to stay connected to this land, earning her BS in Enology and MS in Viticulture and Enology at California State University-Fresno. She went on to study and work on prestigious wines and wineries across California wine country, Italy, Switzerland, and throughout Europe—wherever she could expose herself to the wide world of winemaking.

Now back on her preferred side of the Mayacamas, Jenn is pouring herself into Martis, her breakthrough passion project. Her unique perspective, intent, and influence are on full display with Martis as she crafts indulgent yet balanced wines. Jenn traverses diverse landscapes hand-selecting the best fruit from Sonoma County’s finest vineyards to create a new representation of the region’s bounty.

Jenn lives in west Sonoma County where she and her family run a small farmstead growing a variety of crops and tending to their animals. When she’s not in the vineyard or cellar, she’s relishing every moment she can with her young daughter,

“I want her to share my love for the beautiful wine country and be as grateful as I am for our way of life”

– Jen Barrak, WINEMAKER

Vineyard at sunrise

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Martis is a Certified California Sustainable Wine
Here’s to leaving the land better than we found it.